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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Orange County: A Literary Field Guide

Vintage Orange      Wednesday, March 1 2017

Orange County writers Andrew Tonkovich and Lisa Alvarez call their new anthology, "Orange County: A Literary Field Guide." because the collection of essays and poems give the same sense of place that you would find in a traditional guide book. But instead of describing the local flora and fauna, readers learn about the Orange County experience through the eyes of the writer.

The book is organized by geographic region and takes the reader on a literary tour of Orange County.

Andrew Tonkovich joined me for a discussion of the project, which brought together some of the best literary treatments of Orange County, featuring writers such as Michael Chabon, Oakley Hall, Joan Didion, and Jessamyn West.  The anthology casts a wide net and brings together a diverse collection of voices, all sharing their unique slice of Orange County.

For more information on upcoming Book Signings and events, check out OCFieldGuide.com

Listen to my Conversation with Andrew Tonkovich Here.

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