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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sawdust Art Festival 50 Year Anniversary

Vintage Orange      Wednesday, July 27 2016

The Sawdust Art Festival began in 1965, when a few local artists were rejected by the Festival of the Arts. They banded together and created an alternative festival in the parking lot across the street.  couple of years later, when they spread sawdust over the dirt lot to keep the dust down, the media dubbed the show, "The Sawdust Festival." The name stuck and has followed this eclectic gathering of local artists and craftsmen throughout its 50 year history.

Today, the Sawdust Art Festival is a thriving Laguna Beach institution with more than 200 artists displaying and demonstrating their wares in a three-acre eucalyptus grove on Laguna Canyon Road.

This week I talked with Jay Grant, President of the Sawdust Art Festival and had a chance to chat about the unique history at this iconic Laguna Beach art celebration.

Listen to the podcast Here

For more information about the Sawdust Art Festival, visit their website at

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